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Northern Lights tours and also of other exciting activities in the wilderness of Lapland.
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The most popular activities

Visit Lapland Tours spezialises in offering interesting activities in Lapland. Experience the Northern Lights hunting, husky and reindeer experiences as well as outdoor activities. Make your choice to enjoy the beauty of Lapland with lifelong memories in a small group!

Northern Lights in the Wilderness

As the evening darkens, we arrive at a lantern-lit kota-hut in Pattaskivalo. We sit by the fire on the cosy reindeer skins and hear the guide telling stories about local history and the present.

Aurora hunting tour

The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon only seen close to the North Pole. Hop into the car wit us and we will find the best places to see the Northern Lights if they are active.

Joyfully in a wintry forest

Welcome to join us for an outdoor time in the forest! The program includes listening to silence in a snowy forest, walking on snowshoes, sliding on a sled and pancakes by campfire.

Husky & Reindeer Experience

During this unique tour you will experience both husky and reindeer rides in the same location. The kind animal friends are eagerly waiting to pull you on a sled through the wintry forest while you can enjoy the arctic nature

About us

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Matti, his family and staff welcomes you to Rovaniemi. We are a local family owned company that offers memorable experiences at wilderness like our own place Pattaskivalo. Our motto is hospitality and kindness and we wish you most kindly welcome to make unforgettable memories with Visit Lapland Tours.

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