Visit Lapland Tours specialises in offering Activities in Lapland. We offer a versatile selection of activities and you can book it right away on our website.

The most popular activities

Visit Lapland Tours specialises in offering interesting activities in Lapland, such as northern lights hunting, leisure trips and outdoor activities. Our customised packages are the best choices for you to enjoy the beauty of Lapland at an affordable price and with lifelong memories!

Moment in the wilderness - looking for the northern lights

A cozy, lantern-lit hut with reindeer hides awaits you in the middle of the dark wilderness.

Joyfull Winter activities in the Lapland wilderness

We will organise a ski school for you, snowshoe walking and going down the hill with a sledge.

Playful winter games and soot pot drink in a wilderness lodge

We will organise a fun ski school for you, you can try snowshoeing, sledge and skies.

Visiting the Reindeer Farm, Reindeer Ride and the Snow Hotel

At the reindeer farm, you have the opportunity to sit in a sleigh pulled by the reindeer.

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Matti and its staff welcomes you to Rovaniemi. We are a local company that offers its customers memorable experiences at wilderness destinations like Pattaskivalo, Rovaniemi. We also can tailor various safaris and activities for you. Our motto is hospitality and kindness and we hope you have a good time with us.

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